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Company Registration is mandatory for all businesses wishing to become public or non-profit organizations. It helps the authorities in tax payment and makes the business accessible for public scrutiny. Companies normally register through a not for profit company formation company and can later change their registration to a limited liability partnership (or LLC). Business entities can also incorporate through an underwriter when opening a new bank account. However, not all company registration documents are required, and it is recommended to be aware of what documentation you need to fill out and submit when submitting your applications.

Company Formation – Memorandum Of Association An MOU is a formal document drawn up by shareholders and founders of a company to show that they have all of their shares in common. All company formation documents must be in writing, so it is recommended that if you are not a professional writer you get professional help. You will need to indicate how the company will be run (or the rights of any company members), how the company’s shares will be transferred, and any other information that will help show that the company is legally operational. This document is required when registering a new company, but can be used in incorporation as well. When incorporating, make sure to include the MOU with all other company documents.
Directors Reservation – Memorandum Of Association If you have set up a company in Nevada and have yet to name the company’s officers, you need to reserve the names of all future directors before the Company Registration deadline. To reserve directors’ names, you will need to fill out a “Reservation of Shares” form. The form can be printed out and mailed to you, or you can visit the Company Registration office where you filled out the form. In order to reserve the names of the directors, all future meetings must first be cancelled by the Board of Directors, then submitted to the MOU.
Operating Agreement – Memorandum Of Association An Operating Agreement shows the details of how a company would operate. This type of document is required if you are going through a formal incorporation process, such as a paper filing. In order to start a business in Nevada, you need to open a bank account. Your operating agreement must be attached to your bank account along with all other legally-required paperwork. Once you file your Articles Of Organization, your company registration will be complete.
Limited Liability Company – Memorandum Of Organization Formats required for limited companies The documents required for the Limited Liability Company are significantly more complex than those required for company registration. It takes much longer to incorporate a Limited Liability Company than it does for company registration. To start a limited company, you will be required to open a bank account, set up a board of directors, and select a registered office within the state. To register a company, all of these documents are filed with the Secretary of State.
Company Formation – Nevada Starting a business is very simple. All you need to do is choose a state and locate a business address or contact for Company Registration in that state. Once you have all of the required filings, you can begin the process of company registration in Nevada. Company formation in Nevada is best done with the assistance of a professional business lawyer. A lawyer can assist you in completing all of the required documents, assist you in selecting a Registered Office and help you in developing an Operating Agreement.

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