Control Agency of OPEKEPE Payment

The organic resources of κοινωνικομερισμα 2021possessed by society in a socialist economy. However this theory has not been applied on a huge scale, but on the modest basis. It contrasts with all the notion of the common basic revenue guarantee.

Pension payment: A Pension is actually a fund of cash, that can be paid following the retirement of a government worker. It is a regular payment. At the year 2021 retirement is going to be given towards the workers that will retire. This year, known as συνταξεις Ιανουαριου 2021.It is a financial aid system following retirement.

20 20 is currently come to an end. Thus , next year may include a new life and new hope. Εορτολογιο 2021is a new light for all of is which will bring a favorable supply in each area worldwide. 2021 is currently te year of covid’19 calming season old. As we all know that, this calendar year a truly yearold. So the brand new year will soon come together with trust and also standard life in every lifespan.

Positive resource: The church is the positive origin in every scenario. It provides us fresh confidence, vitality, target, and aim to satisfy our dream. The εκκλησια 1821also known as Black Post or freedom of church worldwide. Each of the churches have confidence in the rules of Methodism theory, a soul of evangelism that function the areas of thought, feeling, and activity within technical democracy.

Control agency: OPEKEPE payments (ΟΠΕΚΕΠΕ πληρωμες) is A Greek repayment authority of common agriculture policy. It has a legal entity and a individual website, which control all of the payment-related job. It’s a more tough type of agency. It makes periodic payments on a daily basis to get rural development strategies. It establishes in 2001 to successfully deal with the funds of EAGF and EFF to avoidance against some other fraud and also recovery of unduly payment.

The beneficiary is largely Farmers institution, export businesses, an investor in the agriculture industry, manufacturing company, etc.. It includes a range of advice and authority’s obligations about the novel of all the guidelines.

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