Consumables and clothes to carry for survival

The following is information from a survival blog regarding the consumables and clothes for survival. Go through it and understand what they include:
It includes food, water and medicine. Any commercial transportation type will have a kit for medicine on board and do carry some sort of emergency food. In case the water and food are minimal then you don’t need to be afraid of searching bodies in case they are available.
It is not disrespectful to search someone for food if it might save your life and a bar of candy could be the difference that might be there between you making it through a forest to a place of safety or to go sleep form the cold exhaustion not to wake up again.
Gather the food that you can get and in the event it happens that you get a lot of it, aim for calorie which are higher and high energy food which weigh as little as it can. Another idea that might be good is to gather some spare cloth for water filtering water through need to come to that, as your own clothes to come to that, as your own clothing, it might be important to sacrifice unless you are forced to.
It is one of the obvious things but you don’t just have to look at your own things. In case you have the chance of grabbing a load of water proof rain coats or something of the same, then you will appreciate having them to put on the roof of whatever shelter you have later on. Belts is something else that is great because they tend to be strong and can be utilized in fastening pieces of your shelter or combine them to come up with an improvised carry bag

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